Thursday, November 28, 2013

~First Holiday Without You~

To my friends and family that are spending their 

1st Thanksgiving without their 

"Spouse... Parent ...Sibling.. Child...Relative.. Friend" 

(even our four-legged fury friends)

Please know that they are with us in our hearts and our 

souls this Thanksgiving and always...

Thursday, August 1, 2013



I had the wonderful privilege of getting to know the Bowler family on a more personal Family level...I was always in awe of Grandma Bowler because she was just that amazing.. That woman ALWAYS HAD MAKE UP ON..... Her and the love of her life raised 18 children.. I would say they were very good catholic's to say the least... one day she found herself alone to finish raising this children which she did with a loving open heart...You have to understand to be a part of the BOWLER CLAN you need name tags to keep up.. I cannot even begin to tell you the grand-kids ..great grand and possibly even great great grand children.s names ..but she knew each and every child and who was who .and you have to remember shes in her 90's I believe.... She lived thru a lot of heartaches.. and triumphs...she watched weddings.. graduations and births... and deaths too but never in all of that was her faith ever shaken...No matter what Grandma Bowler went thru her Faith in God got her thru the most difficult times and gave her a sense of peace in the joyous times... I worked for Nora so I got an inside look at the Bowlers and was taken into that fold .. and MY God what Love and devotion in a family... That comes form being a GREAT PARENT and a Good religious Person.. the Bowlers raised all their children to be good people..and when You married into that family you were a Bowler.. Regardless what the girls last name would be you became a part of this seriously awesome tight knit family that was a unit of enormous love and strength.. I had a special need child Matthew.. and the very 1st outing I went on was a Bowler Event.. I remember Grandma Bowler holding Matthew and looking at him ... like he was one of her's..she told me "how lucky I was to have him ..because.. Matthew not only had a wonderful name meaning GIFT FROM God..He would see The Angels the rest of his Life. .you see as you get older you loose your ability to see them but a child is innocent and can see the Angels all around them forever.".. I never forgot that ever.. til this day and my child is now 18.. I haven't seen Grandma Bowler in a few years but I still asked about her and kept up with THE CLAN....Grandma Bowler thank you for allowing to be apart of your wonderful family.. Thank You for treating all of us that weren't blood as Family.. Thank You for giving ME MY FAITH BACK... You have left a Legacy beyond have your wings now SO GOD SPEED.... Nora Held,Camille Bowler BradstreetDottie SchaferGinger BowlerCharlie Bowler

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Something to Ponder

By my Friend Gerri Merida.....a Nurse and mom

I believe I'm turning into a grumpy old woman. Seems the older I get, the less tolerant I am to ignorance and bullshit. I realize that every generation believes that the next one has it better than the one before, and doesn't appreciate that fact. I absolutely DO feel perfectly comfortable with a lot of new thoughts on many current social issues, many of which the generation before me (including my own parents whom I totally love and admire) don't agree with, but I just feel so disillusioned with the direction of other society trends. When did so many decide that society and the government are responsible for taking care of them? When, and why, do so many think that they don't have to follow the same standards as the rest of society? Where are we headed? Why do so many only consider themselves? ? I don't feel like I am the only one in this world, and nobody owes me anything. I don't believe my single minded thoughts are above everyone else's. I believe I am part of a family that includes multiple generations, part of a local community, part of a valuable community, state, and nation. AND above all, I am grateful to have been born in this country. My grumpy, aging self wonders. ..if so many are unhappy here in the U.S. why don't they move to another country? Perhaps people would stop complaining and truly appreciate what we have here. We have a great nation - and you just might see it if you look beyond yourself.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Just so damn tired of all the Racial Crap

A friend of mines partial post.....
Danielle Marie Moll
Seems sad to me that as I scroll down my news feed, there is no trace of little Ahlittia..... Only four days after her little lifeless body was thrown out with the trash. Yet, my news-feed is still full of the same story people were complaining about weeks ago.

And my response....This is not open for debate this is my fb page and its my opinion and I wont apologize for how I feel......
Danielle Marie Moll..I am so anger I could spit nails...the media and DOJ is still going after Zimmerman..get the hell over it.. he was found innocent by a jury of his peers..I guess now if you don't like the verdict lets just take it to the Justice Dept and have them file charges against someone that has been declared innocent. .this is not a good thing.. I thought we had rights and that there was a thing called double Jeopardy.. so if you don't like the out come you keep filing charges til you get the out come you think is fair..BS...I did not say I'm agreeing with the verdict. .but IT's DONE!. Move on...!!!!. NOW.. we had a child murdered in our city .. she was thrown away in a trash bag and into a trash can.....It doesn't matter to me that she was African American..she was SOMEONES INNOCENT CHILD....she was murdered by someone she knew who just happens to be AFRICAN AMERICAN....when the hell are we going to stop looking at skin color to decided when to be OUTRAGE. ..I'm dam tired of this racial crap.. Grow up people. it is getting old and worse than back in the 60's.. when are we going to stop letting people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson stir the pot........I am trying to raise My Matthew to look past the skin color and into the soul of people..its really hard when you are living in a Nation that even the President it stir the pot...

Monday, April 2, 2012


"when my absence doesn't alter your life,
then my presence has no meaning in your life"

Saturday, November 26, 2011

You Just have NO IDEA!

Please understand this.....From a MOTHER W/ A SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD....
This might help you understand something about us....I'm sure we can add to this List!!

2)I don't need Happy Pills ....I need you to stop giving me advice you know nothing about...
3)STOP saying "I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT!" would do the same thing ..HE's MY CHILD and I LOVE HIM....
4)Instead of saying "God, you need a break" OFFER SOME HELP..Talk is cheap!
I might not have the extra money to go shopping but I CAN WINDOW SHOP!
5)Please keep your religious views to yourself...I may NOT be practicing my relgion but believe me I BELIEVE IN GOD and WILL NOT BURN IN HELL or need to FEAR GOD!God, gives me comfort every night knowing I am here to fight for my child..
5)I am NOT WORKING THE SYSTEM.... I APPLY FOR EVERYTHING b/c I might get lucky and not make $34.oo to much for that program..and
6)MY CHILD IS ENTITLED TO THAT SERVICE!!! His dad and I have worked and Paid Taxes all our get over it.....
7)Please dont ask me to MEET YOU HALF WAY in the OPPISITE DIRECTION OF OUR HOME/SCHOOL..I cannot go very far, even when he's in school..Yes MY CHILD COMES FIRST!
8) If you dont want to ASSOCIATE w/ a certain GROUP OF PEOPLE...cuz you really dont know them tell me up front... dont wait 2 yrs and waste my time..I enjoy THOSE PEOPLE's company....!!! I get Comfort from them...
9)Don'T think I dont get my feeling hurt because I do.....
11) Just because YOU are family dont think you know WHATS BEST FOR OUR KID....He's OUR KID AND WE'RE STILL LEARNING....!
12)When we do Fund Raisers for something for our kids its NOT THAT WE ARE LIVING ABOVE OUR MEANS..its because that is not covered by the services we get or that its something that REALLY WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OUR KIDS LIFE and we have to pay for more important things like RENT/GrOCERIES/GAS/UTILITIES!